18 People Who Attended Botched Weddings Tell Their Stories

These ceremonies ended, just not with happy guests or the words "I do." Weddings are supposed to be the first day of happily ever after, but these 18 botched celebrations never even made it to "happily." Guests or participants tell their stories of weddings that went off the rails, leaving guests in tears, and couples in shambles. 

If you're going to host a wedding, it's important to note things about the venue like space, availability, and season. Details like these come easier to some than others, however, and one couple was forced to walk through back passageways at their booked venue. Admittedly, it seemed like the venue's fault. A different couple decided to host an outdoor wedding in December. Was there heating, shelter, or other protection from the elements you ask? No, there was not. As a solution, many guests resorted to early heavy drinking, further harming an already chaotic situation. 

But while those couples at least made it past their weddings, other pairs weren't so lucky. Well, maybe one groom was, as he ran off with a bridesmaid to elope in Las Vegas. Check out those stories and more in this tragic collection of botched wedding stories. 

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