18 Trending Tweets to Help You Slack Off a Little

The days are long and the best way to cope with life is with tweets from other people who can’t cope either. The difference is that they’re funny and are willing to tweet the dumbest things possible for the enjoyment of everyone else. So if you need a small escape into things that don't matter, enjoy some hilarious tweets.

We’ve compiled tweets with the funniest observations like the fact that no one knows what their friends do for work and how the new Scrub Daddy is going through hard times. One woman on TikTok shared how she cleans her Christmas tree, and if that sounded ridiculous to you, it’s because it totally is. A woman has started turning her first dates into therapy consultations, which seems the most cost-effective way to treat mental health in this country. One Twitter user shares how they get out their frustrations on a styrofoam head with Justin Timberlake's head projected onto it (take notes this may be the new anger management technique).

Take a break, procrastinate a little bit longer, and get into these stupid jokes. 

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