19 of the Craziest Job Listings On the Internet

The job market is rough out there so you gotta have an open mind and apply to everything. Though the "everything" in question is weirder than you think.

The internet is vast and some of the weirdest job postings can be found on Indeed, LinkedIn, and (obviously) Craigslist. We have compiled some of the most outrageous and infuriating job listings on the internet. Who needs to quiet quit when one of you lucky people could be a Pig Breeder, a Part-Time Woman, or a Remote Office Manager for a company with no office?

On the Craigslist front, there are so many paid opportunities (or volunteer jobs if you're feeling virtuous) to choose from. You can help one guy expose a fake clown in his friend group for the love of someone else getting their comeuppance. Simultaneously you could win a hundred bucks from one man’s Chewbacca impression competition.

The work requirements for jobs now are much stricter than ever asking potential employees to “not have too much going on”, have a vaping nicotine addiction (at least 2 years!), and be associated with the FBI as one person's house cleaner ad.

Well, if you’re feeling up to the task some of you could land a job from this round-up. Dust off that resume and punch up that cover letter and you too could be the manager of a music store in New York City for poverty wages! 

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