19 of the Funniest Headlines From the Weekend

Life comes at you fast. One day you’re an author of a prison bestseller and the next you’re in so much debt that you might be doing prison book signings for 10 to 12. That’s what popped up in the news today when the author of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' admitted to being in over a billion dollars worth of debt. And that's not even the wackiest headline from this news cycle.

If you a retired fangirl like me, you have read countless fan fics and had dozens of dreams about dating Harry Styles (sorry I’m not original). The Cut recently put into perspective what it’s probably like dating Harry Styles. You’re not just going out on tropical vacations with a handsome British pop singer, you’re also babysitting his recently unemployed mean-to-wait staff comedian pal James Corden. I’m disheartened that fan fiction writer @1Dmakesyoubeautiful2010 on Tumblr did not prepare me for such realities. In other news, Gypsy Rose Blanchard revealed that she received over 250 letters asking to out while she was in prison. 

Scroll down and read headlines about a famous Midwest pothole and a Mexican cartel that threatened locals for not using their wifi. 

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