19 Quitting Memes for People Who Don't Want to Work Anymore

There is no more quiet quitting. People are quitting their jobs confidently and going to greener pastures. But before making that decision workers have been subjected to so much stress and disrespect that made their choices a lot easier. We’re not promoting quitting your job and living out your days like The Big Lebowski but have a sit down and imagine with us what that would be like. We’ve compiled some anti-work, on-the-verge-of-quitting memes for you to live through vicariously.

The days are getting colder and one Twitter user bravely asked if his boss ever considered that he’s sleepy and should be asleep instead of working. Everyone’s commute is terrible and maybe our alarms will suddenly “stop working” just to get some peace in our mornings. Also featured is an anecdote of a Twitter user’s sandwich being a part of that Subway location history as the employees quit en mass. Outside of examples of people quitting are some memes about why people leave their jobs. It can be as simple as your boss being a scooped bagel enjoyer heathen to as aggravating as companies’ empty “thanks” being shown in slivers of pizza and more work.

No, your job isn’t “just like a family” but even if it was, we love complaining about our families and should have outlets like these to get our collective rage out. Seethe and scroll. It’s better than journaling.

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