20 Comments From Bros Who Are Completely Down Bad

Sometimes people get down bad, and when that happens, nobody can be held responsible for their behavior. Well, they can be held responsible, but that behavior is pretty funny. 

Kevin Gates has a song called "Thinking With My D-," and it's fair to say that's what plenty of people in this gallery are doing. The @downbadcomment Twitter page is fantastic at collecting screenshots of texts, posts, and Rickey Henderson level DM slides of people desperate for any kind of action. 

Funnily enough, two of the examples in this gallery feature texts around the iPhone 8-Ball-Pool widget game. It makes sense that a game that involves putting things in holes could trigger such a reaction, and it's a game that makes it easy to send repeated texts to someone without having to say anything to them. If you haven't shot your shot over some 8-Ball-Pool, have you really ever been down bad? 

For the older audience, one person offers up his health insurance benefits to a potential date. Now that's the kind of effort we need to see men making in the future. Check out those, and 19 other down-bad comments from @downbadcomment. 

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