19 Community Note Roasts for the Dummies of Twitter

Unfortunately, the Argentinian president was not caught Gnome-Maxxing.

The internet is a wasteland filled with scams and misinformation but one function of Twitter is here to be the hero that Gotham needs; Community Notes. Have you ever seen a tweet that was frankly so stupid you could not believe anyone believed in it? Well, Community Notes is here to roast that user with facts instead of the harsh words you were gonna use. We’ve gathered all of the recent Community Notes roasts that cited their sources.

One user claimed that auto theft was a victimless crime that was being prosecuted much too harshly. Well, if you’ve played any bit of Grand Theft Auto you would know that there are many victims of car theft. Netflix’s new documentary about Alexander the Great accurately depicts just how gay ancient Rome was. But of course, conservative Twitter users needed to be reminded of that by Community Notes. Probably the most humiliating community note is when one user mistook Vin Diesel for Jeff Bezos. There should be a word for being discriminatory towards bald people. Dominic Toretto did not deserve this!

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