19 Community Note Roasts With Citations to Make It Hurt Worse

If you didn’t have two eyes and a working brain, the Twitter scam accounts would be wrecking you. It’s good that we have Community Notes to help us realize that no, XXXTentacion, did not rise from the dead and decided to do a giveaway in MrBeast’s replies.

Community Notes is the Twitter feature that keeps on giving. If you want your internet roast with a side of citation, we’ve gathered some of the funniest recent Community Notes doing just that. Despite the trailer playing in movie theatres for the last six months and the internet's speculation, Taylor Swift is not Agent Argylle in the new film Argylle. The director was just inspired by her cat. And I’m sorry to disappoint your boomer uncle who yells on Facebook but no, there isn’t a new form of AIDS caused by the COVID Vaccine called VAIDS. If it did exist, I’m sure the name would be much punchier than that.

Scroll down and marvel at the intellectual clapbacks performed by Community Note contributors. 

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