23 ‘Crazy People’ Who Turned Out to Be Right

Time is the great equalizer, and history proves everyone either right or wrong. Some people who were once thought to be crazy were actually spot on, although not all of them lived to see their thoughts vindicated. As collected by Ask Reddit, here are 23 crazy people who turned out to be right

Koutoku Wamura was the mayor of the Japanese town of Fudai for four decades but died in 1997 with one big failure to his name. Knowing the area's history of tsunamis, he ordered the construction of a gigantic sea wall that was long considered completely unnecessary and a gross misuse of resources. But in 2011, the Tōhoku earthquake triggered a tsunami that killed around 20,000 people in Japan. Virtually none of them came from Fudai however, thanks to Koutoku Wamura's sea wall. 

The physicist and philosopher Ludwig Boltzmann also never got to see his theories confirmed and took his own life in part due to ridicule for his thoughts regarding the nature of matter. Only three years later, Ernest Rutherford released his model of the atom, showing that Boltzmann was completely correct. 

Read about those men and others who turned out to be right all along. 

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