21 Crying Vince McMahon Memes That Hit Us Right in the Feels

Nothing hits you harder than a gut punch of nostalgia. Remember the good times with crying Vince McMahon. 

They say you never stop to appreciate the good times while you're in them, and at no point is that more true than during your childhood. Hanging out with your friends, watching your favorite shows, and playing your favorite games just hits different. Except, without the benefit of life experience we didn't properly take them in while they were happening. So when our children ask us, "Hey Dad, what was it like playing video games with your friends growing up?" All we can do is tear up and pour one out for the good old days. 

This Vince McMahon meme gets at the feeling of yearning for the past, combined with missed opportunity. Taken from a 2018 interview for an HBO documentary series on Andre the Giant, McMahon opened up about his emotions regarding the wrestler's passing, specifically the former WWE CEO's regrets about the pair's wounded relationship; wounds that remained unhealed before Andre's death. Like with our own rose-colored nostalgia, we'd love nothing more than to go back and make sure we appreciated what we had.

So when McMahon cries, we feel his tears. Albeit, for slightly different reasons. 

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