20 Dog Memes That Won't Chew On Your Shoes

Three wise men from the Caribbean once asked, “Who let the dogs out? Who?” And we at eBaum’s World are ready to admit that we, in fact, let the dogs out. At least for today in an all-dog meme gallery.

While dogs are man’s best friend, cats have really dominated the internet in a big meme way. Despite this, the furry four-legged canines are still beloved online and get into their own mischief. Taking care of a dog in this day and age is a lot of money. There is doggy daycare, training, vet visits and so much food (which you constantly rotate because somehow you’re dog has the same expensive taste as royalty). And ironically, most people get a dog to relieve their mental health.

If you’re freezing outside at the crack of dawn just to get your dog to pee outside instead of in your home every day, this gallery is for you. These doggy divas cost a fortune, the least they can do is be cute and hilarious.

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