19 Declassified Extraterrestrial Memes We Collected From Area 51

Earlier this year, the government tried to admit that aliens are real. Nobody cared. Instead, they made memes. Of course, they didn't actually prove that aliens exist, something the Mexican government later tried to do. Instead, they just held cryptic hearings no more convincing than watching some guy out in Nevada talk to History Channel.

While nobody wants aliens to be real more than I do, it's hard to believe the government is actually in possession of extraterrestrial crafts and "biologics" as they claim. Space is big and time is long, so while there is undoubtedly intelligent life somewhere else in the universe, I have a hard time accepting that it has been, or ever will be here. But perhaps even more importantly, we've learned that the general public really doesn't care.

Oh, aliens exist? Are they going to help me buy food, pay off my student loans, and land a well-paying job that doesn't treat me like garbage? How about helping me get a down payment for a house? No? Well, then I'm not interested. Instead, people will do what they've always done with aliens, and meme them. Here are 20 extraterrestrial memes we found in Area 51.

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