21 Fails to Make Yourself Feel Better About Your Own Failures

A collection of embarrassing fails that miss the mark of reality.

Sometimes the best way to feel better about your own sorry situation is to look at the failures around you. As depressing as that is, knowing your situation could be worse somehow makes things just a bit better. It's human nature. 

Some of these photos deal with real and serious issues, like a report that claims underage children were operating forklifts while working in a Kentucky factory. Other pics show stories that are less consequential on a broader scale, but still funny happenings to enjoy. For example, a man pretending to be a lawyer in Kenya won 26 consecutive cases before being found out, and arrested. While not world news, that's a story worth telling, and worth having an opinion on. Give that man his license to practice law, he's earned it!

In a different pic, Google Calendar reasoned that the best way to catch a flight would be to walk multiple miles to the airport during the early hours of the morning. Did it forget that trains and buses exist? Here are 21 of such silly fails to float your boat. 

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