20 Fascinating Historical Photos From Around the World

If you consider yourself a history buff, you'll probably enjoy this collection of seldom-seen cool and contextualized historical photographs. From military history pics to snapshots of life back in the day, these flicks come with fun facts attached, that put you right into the world of the image.

The oldest photo in this gallery comes in the form of a late 1800s meeting between settlers and Canadian natives. It's rare to come across actual photographs of settlers and Native North Americans interacting instead of artist renditions, but this group photo lends an interesting perspective to it all. A different older photograph shows a gas or hydrogen balloon taking off from the Bremen gasworks. The exact date of the photo is ambiguous, with a large window provided, but it is possible that this balloon was flying during World War I.

A different photo shows the American soldier Rinaldo Martini posing with his M1 rifle, after the battle of Iwo Jima in which he won the Silver Star. Now a guy like that with a name like that is why they called them the greatest generation. Check out those three awesome pics and more in this gallery of fun facts and photos from way back when. 

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