20 Funny Work Memes to Clock Out With

You survived another grueling week of pretending to be productive at your job. As a consolation prize, we’ve gathered some hilarious work memes for you to enjoy as you patiently wait to clock out.

Job applications continue to be the most torturous thing in our modern world. Job posting websites like Linkedin and Indeed host some of the cringest postings, using buzzwords to hide the fact that the company is not a "totally chill family" looking for its new rockstar, but a dictatorship looking for its next multitasking dunce.  

The phrases “collabology” or “KitchenAid on steroids,” should never be written in a job posting. If you’re already gainfully employed, there is a meme about what we should be doing to clock in and out of work. Forget punch cards, we should all just send our boss a GIF of a penguin with a suitcase like one Twitter user posted. Nothing says ready to work more than a dapper penguin in a fedora.

Scroll down and get all your work-related laughs before waddling into the weekend with our fedoras clutched in our hands

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