20 Hotel Housekeepers Share Their Weirdest and Grossest Horror Stories

If you're like me, then you stress about making sure the towels and bedsheets are prepared in the perfect way for your hotel maid to have the easiest time cleaning your room. Trash is picked up, any mess is gone, and things are immaculate. Couldn't have an anonymous maid you'll never meet thinking to herself that you're a bad customer right? Or is that just my anxiety talking?

But really none of us should be worried unless we're like the crazy people in this gallery. You see there are lots of crazy people out there, and that means there are lots of crazy people who stay in hotels, leaving their crazy things around their crazy rooms. Apparently Bob Dylan was one such hotel patron as a worker recounts. After renting out all of the hotel's nicest suites for himself and his entourage, and ordering repeated room service, the workers found themselves cleaning completely empty rooms after his stay. Devoid of any signs of life, the rooms had clean sheets, clean towels and more, other than stacks of the uneaten and un-drunk room service. 

At least that's better than the maid who discovered hundreds of breath mints on the floor of a room... attempting to mask the smell of a bet-wetter. Read about that and more in this gallery of 20 hotel housekeepers and their horror stories. 

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