20 Mid-Week Work Memes and Tweets to Help You Make It to Friday

The week is walking at a snail's pace. If you want a refuge from the hustle and bustle of your job, get into these mid-week work memes.

Corporate language is very stupid. The jargon and abbreviations may make sense in the office but if you look at an Excel sheet with outside eyes, it’s mostly nonsense. One Twitter user mentioned how they wished their boss would find a better way of denoting headsets and no headsets in their spreadsheet. Now the sheet looks like one employee who loves reciting vines from 10 years ago hacked it. Let's be like another Twitter user below and take away all the professional pleasantries and just start calling each other Diva. If you heard “good job on that report Diva” or “HR would like to have a serious discussion on your conduct lately, Diva”, you’d take the workplace much more seriously.

So hide from your boss and scroll down to get your mid-week work meme fix. How else would you laugh at everyone else’s crazy coworkers?

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