20 More Funny Headlines to End 2023

Usually, the holiday weekend would bring peace on earth but while you were enjoying time with family the world was continuously reigning in chaos as it normally does. So to bring you up to speed on the most unhinged events that happened, we’ve gathered the most insane headlines this week.

This week marks the release of Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison. Blanchard was charged with the murder of her mother who medically abused her due to Munchausen by proxy. Other than freedom, Gypsy Rose is most excited to see Taylor Swift live after being locked up. In holiday news you had everything from a man dressed as the Grinch crashing into someone's home to a 3-year-old “Grinch” who opened everyone's presents in the middle of the night on Christmas. But in better news, a study has found that Super Mario Odyssey cut sadness symptoms “by nearly 50%.” So going into the new year you now have all the tools you need to make 2024 better in every way.

Scroll down and be the first to tell your friends that Disney is making the movie Alien into a picture book and that a separate production company is making a Bambi horror movie. 

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