20 of the Funniest Headlines of the Week

Some of the oddest things are happening all over the country. It’s then only reported by local news where we might not ever catch it. I know we love to keep up with the Florida men but there are weirdos amongst us and all over the world who deserve center stage. We’ve gathered all the funniest headlines from this week in one place so you can peruse and be the most informed person regarding the weirdos of the world.

You can’t start the weekend without learning that a sheriff sent a person dressed as the Grinch to mock a thief while the police arrested her. It's a new level of petty! A dog toy was pulled from a New Zealand pet store for being offensive to the national bird, the Kiwi. A lawyer put up a plaque outside their new office, thanking the local police department for being idiots. And now the news we’ve all been waiting for, Kid Rock is no longer boycotting Bud Light. So you can go into the holidays and drink your terrible beer in peace.

Scroll down and learn about the weirdos and deviants all around our world. 

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