The Funniest Tweets of the Week (So Far)

I am happy to announce that Big Bird is big again. Our prayers worked!

While Twitter turned into a group therapy session led by Elmo (who’s an unlicensed three-year-old), other users had some of the funniest takes on the Stanley cup and Hydroflask beef, European men’s fashion, and the noble breed of dog, the Borzoi. Catch up on the funniest tweets of this week before their cringey and old.

The Twitter roasts are ruthless and know no bounds. It doesn’t matter if you're a stretched-out breed of dog or your Oprah posing for a picture. One account has been reminding everyone that Borzois were bred to hunt wolves while attaching a photo of said dog in the goofiest position. 

Jack Harlow caught a stay while posing for a photo with Julia Roberts at a fashion show. You simply cannot be white and have a brunette mullet or bangs and not be compared to Paul Mescal or Dakota Johnson. It’s the law.

Scroll down and get your dose of mid-week funny tweets to stay up to date with everything unhinged and hilarious on that app. 

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