20 Over Employed People Trying To Live Thier Best Life

I would bet that most of us have difficult jobs, leaving us feeling tired by the end of the day. Be they operating heavy machinery on a construction site, or curating tasteful memes on an old internet bastion, we all earn our pay across a full day's hard work. But then, we are not the "over-employed."

Over-employed people work silly little remote office jobs, probably created by boomers, that haven't ever had a competent person work them. The result? Someone who's able to complete an entire week's work in a few hours, and take on second third and fourth jobs with nobody the wiser at any stop. Is it against the rules to work a second job without telling your first? Probably, but it should also be against the rules to lay someone off and cancel their health insurance after 10 years with a single automated email. So we make do. 

These posts and memes are from people brave enough to embrace the over-employed lifestyle and reap the temporary benefits. If you have the skills to work two six-figure jobs at once, why shouldn't you? Corporate America is taking advantage of you. It's time you took advantage of it too. 

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