20 Overpriced Apartments That Are Basically Adult Hamster Cages

The housing market is not looking too great for everyone, especially those living in major metropolitan cities. City dwellers know that when they decide to move to a big city, they’re sacrificing certain comforts like space and affordability. However, as the years go by, apartment layouts get more wacky in order to save space and the prices continue to skyrocket. Now city people are paying thousands of dollars to live in a broom closet with a shower and a roommate.

Over the past few months, young people on TikTok have been sharing their tiny living spaces to the song “1000 Shots” by rapper, Wendigo. In the song, Wendigo basically roasts studio apartments, rapping “Your apartmеnt look like a jail cell/How your kitchen next to your toilet?/How your bed next to your kitchen?/That's not a living room, you not living.” And we think that perfectly encapsulates the state of renting in a big city.

If you think about it studio apartments are just adult-sized hamster cages. You are given the bare necessities and maybe if you are a good little hamster you can fit a wheel in there so you can get some exercise in. However, with some of the apartments in this gallery, a hamster cage would be a better deal. 

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