20 of the Funniest Parenting Tweets and Memes of the Week (November 7, 2023)

If there is one thing parents love to do, it's talk about the weird thing their kid said or did. And there's no shame in that! If your spawn is sustaining themself purely on bananas and Hamburger Helper, that’s an interesting thing to note at the next brunch or party. It's an incredible human feat.

The internet is filled with people’s parenting anecdotes and we love to hear them. Their new to the world and have hilarious observations and questions. Like why can’t I hoard bananas in my room or steal teachers' lunches if I happen to find the teacher's lounge during recess?

Aside from precocious troublemakers, the internet loves to debate kids and whether they belong in certain public spaces. The kids at the wedding debates resurfaced today on Twitter and one person bravely responded; kids don’t want to go to weddings anyway. It’s true, there can’t be a more boring event for a 5-year-old than sitting down for a long time while adults drone on about love and then walking into a ballroom of constant noise for however many hours before your parents take you home.

Get into these parenting tweets and feel seen by a bunch of tired adults who’ve listened to the Paw Patrol theme song over 50 times that day.

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