20 People Share Their Unexplained Paranormal Experiences

Was it the paranormal? These people still can't explain what happened to them.

Everybody has had strange things happen to them; you swear you left your keys on the counter, but instead, they wind up on the bathroom shelf. How did they get there? But sometimes, something happens to you that just sticks. These 20 people each had something happen that to this day, sometimes decades later, that they still can't explain. 

Many of these stories involve loved ones, such as one person who described having a conversation with their sibling and their grandmother in the kitchen while their mother was out one day. Except, their mother was out because she was visiting their grandmother on her deathbed in the hospital. Both sibling corroborated the story, but they never saw their grandmother again, and don't know who else they might have been speaking to 30 years later. Our minds do strange things when under a lot of stress, including hallucinations and out-of-body experiences. But were these people just seeing things, or were they influenced by paranormal forces? The answer lies with just how much you believe your own eyes. Here are 20 people who to this day still can't explain something that happened to them, and can't stop thinking about it. 

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