20 People Share What Made Their Worst Job Their Worst Job

When starting a new job, it's very often luck of the draw whether it's a good or bad experience. Like a relationship, there are red and green flags all over, and they usually present themselves before too long. Sometimes before that offer letter is even extended. But if you work long enough, you'll eventually end up with a bad job. Everyone has one job that comes to mind when you ask them to think of their worst professional experience, and these 20 folks took to Ask Reddit and shared theirs. 

It's incredible how one bad apple can completely ruin a team of productive people, especially when they're in a position of power. That's what one person described here, talking about an abusive manager. "I worked directly with someone who was en evil bully," she wrote. "If she decided you were her target for the day, it was almost unbearable." Incredibly, upper management informed the employee that it wasn't their problem, resulting in her resignation. "They've asked me to
come back 3 times, each time with a higher offer," she wrote. "Forget that."

Read about that, plenty of other problematic managers and other weird experiences in this collection of people explaining why their worst job was their worst job. 

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