20 Products That Designers Didn't Properly Test

Every product these days feels like it is being designed with planned obsolescence in mind; getting more and more expensive while feeling cheaper and cheaper. The result is questionable designs that feel as if they've never actually been used. There's no way a real tester could have owned half of these products, used them regularly, and given them the green light. 20 people jumped on Ask Reddit and shared the piece of hardware, tech or machinery in their lives that they don't believe the designers have ever used. 

Printers were a commonly mentioned answer to the prompt, and as we move farther away from the paper age and into the digital, we can all be thankful that we don't need to use them as much as we used to. Why is it that I can't use the scanning function just because I'm out of ink? And why does the "blue" ink cartridge need to be full before I can print out something in black and white? Some printers have even tried to join the subscription service model, which is the most infuriating desperate cash grab I've ever seen. 

Read about those and lots more in this gallery of bad products that were definitely not tested by their designers. 

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