20 Questionable People and Posts Born Before 1964

As time goes on, it unfortunately leaves some people behind. Not that everybody winds up this way, but some people are just born for a certain time frame. Unfortunately for the baby boomers, that time frame doesn't exist anymore, and many of them are left figuring out how to beat Candy Crush on their smartphones while telling their grandkids they need to learn a firm handshake and look people in the eyes to help them get a job. But that's not the world anymore. 

One egregious example came from a man who decided to comment on a report that the EPA had banned asbestos. While I'm sure you're aware that the material has been incredibly harmful for thousands, causing cancer and breathing problems, this man had a worrying prediction. "You people realize it's used in everything from brake pads to drywall right?" he asked. "This is going to drive manufacturing prices up." Yes, we're aware that it was in everything, and that's why we're trying to not make it not be in everything anymore. Keep up with the times much? I've never heard somebody try to defend the use of asbestos before. 

See that post and plenty more in this collection of questionable posts and people born before 1964. 

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