20 Relics From Our Childhood That Were Lost to Time

It’s your weekly trip down memory lane! This Wayback Whensday is a mix of the '90s and '00s nostalgia for Millennials and Zoomers alike to feel miserably old. 

This Wayback Whensday we’re commiserating about the Halloweens of our childhood when you could go out into the night doing god knows what and make it back to your house before bedtime with your candy loot. It doesn’t matter if you loved Reeses or Snickers bars, you were always left with way too many tootsie rolls that you had any interest in eating.

Aside from trick-or-treating, there are old toys and games that you wish you could just go back to play. And a nostalgia trip is nothing without an anecdote where someone is called miserably old to the current for (reads tweet) explaining how uploading digital camera photo albums was cool in 2008.

However you feel about that tweet, there's a bunch of images that will take you back to a much simpler time. We used to have Kid Cuisine after school. Now we get home from our jobs and have to hobble together a sorta healthy meal to keep on going. Just pretend the broccoli and rice is a chicken nugget dipped into a half-baked brownie.

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