19 Sassy Internet Clapbacks and Burns That Left a Mark

The internet is a harsh place filled with harsh words. But what if someone took a more creative approach to calling you dumb or ugly? Well, here are some examples of the most sassy and hilarious insults that happened online.

With some of these photos, you can physically feel the burn through the screen even though it was not directed towards you. There are TikTok comments that mock the creators so harshly that you hope the creators took a lengthy mental health break. Then we have clueless people on Twitter being rightfully roasted for their stupidity (or lapse of judgment if we’re being nice).

A bonus of this gallery is that you can collect several rare insults to use on others in real life. We do have to warn you that the consequences of saying this stuff to someone's face may result in you getting punched. We at eBaum’s World hold no liability for your decision to say to someone that you perceive them as schizophrenic or having the “same vibe as a tennis ball.”

Insult at your own risk or just scroll down and have a laugh or two about some internet roasters.

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