20 Seldom Seen Historical Photographs To Explore

Many famous historical photographs focus on iconic celebrities or astonishing wartime images. But this collection of 20 seldom scene pics shows famous events and daily life alike through the lens of normal people. 

For example, one photo shows two Canadian officers reading the news that the Korean War is coming to a close. The sheer joy on their faces expresses so much more than just the end of a war. Knowing that they will no longer have to put their own lives on the line while sending others to do the same must be a unique feeling. Speaking of unique feelings, a photo of an elderly Otto Frank attending the unveiling of the first statue of Anne Frank is equal parts heart-breaking and empowering. Otto was a German businessman and Anne's father. His wife Edith was the only member of his family to survive the war, as they lost both of their daughters. 

On a different note, a group photo of incarcerated Mormons might seem surprising to those only familiar with America's treatment of Mormonism today. But back in the day, Mormons and their more extreme practices were shunned and illegal. There's a reason the majority of them fled to Utah. 

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