20 Sets of Stairs You Don’t Want to Climb on a Saturday Night

While the end of a good night out feels great in the moment, it quickly turns into a video game side quest when it’s time to get home and in bed. The plastered person’s biggest enemy is stairs.

We’ve had stairs for millennia but if you have your motor skills impaired just enough, the task goes from everyday to herculean. The subreddit r/crazystairs shares photos of the wackiest and weirdest stairs from all over the world and throughout history. But it also includes apartments or home staircases that are just not built with people who like substances in mind. We've gathered some of the worst stairs that any person off the bottle could ever encounter. While some of these are beautiful marvels of architecture, they could also break so many people's bodies. There are no railings, squiggly railings, rope railings, low steps, and high steps. Some are so confusing to look at that even the sober would break their kneecaps.

Scroll down so that next time you find yourself cursing that you have two flights to climb, it could be so much worse.

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