20 Silly Memes and Tweets to Send to Your Silly Geese

Listen, life is tough. Who knew as soon as you become an adult you’d be faced with adult responsibilities and expectations? Sometimes we all want to not think about boring adult things like taxes and our credit scores. What we truly want to do is dilly-dally. Our brains don’t want to think about how we would financially handle a rent increase. We want to think about a raccoon in the mouthwash aisle at Target. Important things!!

It’s wackadoodle time and we have some silly memes and tweets for you silly geese. Learn about the Sleepytime Bear’s family and look at a photo of Drake (King of the Silly Geese) in armor on a horse. Have some memes that make absolutely no sense like one of a man nearly running over a kid with his car because he's too busy ordering a baja blast on Uber Eats. This is what the internet was invented for, memes asking who would win in a fight Mr, Clean or the Bounty Man?

If you’re tired of people asking you serious questions about your views of the economy, take a break and look at memes. Like a real functioning adult!

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