18 Times r/NoStupidQuestions Proved Itself Wrong

Well most of them aren't actually stupid, but these are not questions you would ask just anybody. Like, how many people pee in the shower consistently? I'm asking for a friend of course, but in general, how many people do you think?

Questions like that need a certain level of anonymity to be asked properly, and fortunately, that anonymity is a service Reddit provides. r/NoStupidQuestions is a gold mine of people asking what's really on their minds with no repercussions. Want to know if you should break up with your girlfriend? Why guys dig holes at the beach? Or if you've broken math with your new equation? Well, it's the place for you. 

Actually, that last one was a stupid question and earned the honor of most upvoted question of the year. It was even featured in a scientific magazine proving it wrong. So yeah, I guess there are a few stupid questions here. But when someone seriously asks why we don't use slides over stairs and escalators for downward travel, it's a question worth examining. No really, they're faster, more efficient, and not much less accessibility friendly. Here are those, and a dozen or so other stupid questions from r/NoStupidQuestions. 

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