20 Thanksgiving Travel Memes to Get You Where You're Going

Thanksgiving is the worst travel day of the year, but hopefully, these memes can make it a little bit better. 

According to CNN, it's estimated that more than 55.4 million people travel around the United States for Thanksgiving, making it the single busiest travel season of the year. Between the roads skies and railways – not that real Americans pay attention to the railways anyhow – that's a lot of people moving their behinds so that they can stuff them with turkey. Especially considering half of them are probably only courtesy invites, and nobody actually wants them there. You always think just inviting Uncle Steve is better than leaving him out and getting an angry letter call from Mom later until Steve decides to ask why it is that everyone who dies from cancer also uses a 5G smartphone. 

Fortunately, while you're stuck waiting in a never-ending TSA security line to go see a bunch of people you rather wouldn't, you can check out these Thanksgiving travel memes to make you feel better. Everybody has to go through the same strife, and seeing it laid out in image form can be comforting. And you have time: TSA pre-check is a pointless capitalistic service that rewards the rich, so you'll be waiting a while. 

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