20 People Who Were Saved By Listening to Their Gut Feelings

Those little hairs on the back of your neck mean something. These people listened to theirs, and it was the best decision they ever made. From avoiding car accidents to saving their loved ones to taking health into their own hands, these folks correctly trusted their guts above all else. 

Have you ever been sitting at home late at night, thinking that maybe things seem a little off? Normally you'd just lock the bottom lock - you live in a quiet neighborhood after all - but this time you lock the top and pull the chain too. Better safe than sorry, right? Well, that's what one person did when they were a kid playing with their dog. Moments later someone flung the door open, stopped only by the chain and the growling dog. That boy's anxiety might have averted disaster.

Another kid was sitting in the back seat of a car full of friends when he randomly shouted "stop" after a light turned green. Thinking he saw something, the driver stopped the car just before a semi ran through the light. It turns out that he never saw anything; just had a spontaneous bad feeling. Stories like these make you believe in the sixth sense of self-preservation. 

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