20 Wild History Facts Not Everyone Knows

Not even the biggest history buffs can know it all, so what are some cool facts they might not have heard? From World War II to the ancient Egyptians, this gallery shares some fascinating, and rarely-read tidbits of history. 

Although we think of the Egyptian empire as an ancient society, human history has spanned for much longer than most of us can comprehend. Famously, Cleopatra's rule was closer in time to the present day than it was to the construction of the pyramids. Believe it or not, the majority of human history took place before people could record it in writing, and even the earliest societies talk of "ancient" civilizations. For example, the first-ever joke in recorded history references "time immemorial," implying that even the ancient Sumerians thought of themselves as modern. Its subject matter is also something relatable for every human couple throughout history: wives passing gas on their husbands' laps. 

“Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not [pass gas] in her husband’s lap.”

If you found that joke new and amusing - how could you not - then consider checking out the rest of this historical gallery full of facts that you probably haven't heard before. 

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