20 Wild Pics and Unhinged Posts for People Born Before 1964

The Baby Boomer generation gets really upset when the rest of us tell them "Okay," but sometimes it's the only option. When your grandma goes online and posts her credit card information because a spam post told her to, it's hard to imagine she was the same person who told you making an Instagram profile was akin to giving the government permission to steal your identity. Yeah, okay. 

These 22 posts and pics from people born before 1964 showcase the kind of technological incompetency only possible from those unwilling to learn, coupled with a level of entitlement staggering from the group that spawned the hippies. Did your innocent photo of pies in a cooking Facebook group get met by an anti-political comment? Or did your local X-ray technician claim that they use a hands-free phone to protect themselves against harmful 5G tower radiation? If so, then there's a good chance you'll find yourself in this gallery. Other entries include an infamous job board curator denying a young aspirational person from taking a look, and plenty of news stories taken out of context. 

If you were born before 1964, take a look at these images, and then a look in the mirror before trying to defend this bunch. 

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