21 Backyard Car Mods and Blue Collar Fixes

Sometimes DIY projects turn out great, and sometimes not so much. These photos showcase a bit of both. 

Blue-collar engineers are some of the most innovative and genius fixers around, capable of turning anything into anything else. But sometimes, even when a project's execution is there, the idea just isn't. Take the photo in this gallery of a lifted truck... with only its front wheels lifted. I don't know about you, but unless those things can retract there is a zero percent chance that truck is capable of driving on the road. Right now all it's good for is bouncing and blasting music. The old Ford Mustang ready for a zombie apocalypse also seems like a gross misuse of time and effort. 

On a different note, a razor-scooter-powered wheelbarrow is exactly the kind of creative innovation that makes a perfect low-budget invention. Even the half van half truck creation spotted on a highway looks somewhat useful if not less than confidence-inspiring. In short, backyard engineers use their creativity to give us genuinely unique and downright awesome designs, most of the time. But I suppose that can be forgiven. Just please, stop lifting your trucks when they only drive on pavement. 

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