21 Backyard Mechanics and Car Mods That Get The Job Done

Whether through poor concept, execution, or both, these people made the wrong decision when they decided to "upgrade" their rides.

First off, if you want to make major changes to your four wheels, it's best to have the skills to do so. Even something as simple as painting your car can go disastrously awry in the wrong pair of hands. Just take a look at the person in this gallery who didn't vet their "professional" painter, and ended up with a blotched white job that looks like the car was sobbing in an ice storm. A few half-cars and a spider-car could definitely have used some better craftsmanship too, and hopefully that spider-car was just for Halloween. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the six-wheeled heap of junk, (heap is another word for trashy Jeep), is very well constructed, but not even close to something that should be driving on the road. If you feel the need to turn your four-by-four off-roader into a limousine-sized bling machine, maybe you need to find a different way to compensate for your fragile masculinity. The same goes for the new trend of LED wheel lights. Get those things off the road, and get these 21 crazy car mods back in the shop!

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