20 Colorized Photos From the Catacombs of History

When looking at older historical photographs, there is always one thing missing; the color in which we live our lives. Luckily enough for us, we live during a time when artists and A.I. programs can change that, and add the vibrance to historical photographs that have always been missing. Here are 21 colorized photos from way back when that have been given a full-color treatment makeover. 

Featured in this gallery are war pictures, celebrity headshots, and even a few candid snaps of daily life during different times. One photo shows several Norwegian women crowded together observing a lone photograph. The addition of color undoubtedly helps bring their faces to life, in what is otherwise a black and white environment. In other photos, color makes an even bigger difference, like in a 1927 photo of the first Ryder's Cup Team USA. The roaring '20s were vibrant, and finally, the addition of color can reflect that fact in this upper-class group shot.

Color also helps bring individual faces to light, as seen here with Pablo Picasso, and the infamous Al Capone. Looking into the eyes of an artist and a mafia man is a decidedly different experience, but the browns of both tell a unique story worth seeing. So sit back and enjoy these 21 historical photographs in full color. 

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