22 'Family Guy' Memes That Are Still Relevant

Seth MacFarlane's iconic animated sitcom Family Guy has been renewed for a 23rd season and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. After initially being canceled by Fox in 2002, the show's fans pushed for its revival through DVD sales which led to its renewal. All these years later it's still going strong, with no signs of stopping. 

It has countless iconic characters from protagonist – if you can call him that – Peter Griffin to his wife Louis, and their children and pets. Oh, and there's also Meg. It's hard to describe the flow of Family Guy to someone who hasn't seen it, but thanks to the powers of animation, its characters get put through literally any and every situation imaginable; from historical and iconic pop-culture recreations to their own present-day dysfunction. In short, you can watch the birth of the baby Jesus and Darth Vader's "I'm your father" moment on the same show. 

Of course, Family Guy has a sizable meme culture and doesn't take itself seriously whatsoever. From "Shut up Meg" to "I'll be damned if I'm going to stand here and be lectured by a pervert," there are countless lines that people quote daily, and find themselves in memes. Here are 21 of those Family Guy memes.

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