21 Fascinating Historical Photographs For a Tour of The Past

"History" is in the news because of Ridley Scott's upcoming historical drama, Napoleon. But unlike that movie, these historical pics get their facts right. 

Scott is facing some serious heat from history buffs over his depiction of Napoleon's conquests in Egypt, and he's learning the hard that you should never anger one of the internet's deepest subcultures. The drama all stems from one scene in particular, in which Napoleon directs his troops to bomb the Pyramids. Of course that never happened, but according to Scott, "I don’t know if he did that, but it was a fast way of saying he took Egypt.”

While that's bad enough, it was his following statement that really sealed the deal. "When I have issues with historians, I ask: 'Excuse me mate, were you there? No? Well shut the f- up then.'" Now I can totally get behind a little artistic liberty for the sake of entertainment, as long as it's properly acknowledgedly, and ideally in spirit with what actually happened. But if you seem to think that proven recorded history is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo because "were you there?" then maybe you shouldn't be the director behind a "$130–200 million" historical film. 

Unlike Scott, these 21 historical photographs don't take history for granted. 

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