21 Fascinating Photos of Our Fascinating World

These cool pics of nature, architecture, and more are definitely worth checking out if you're into that sort of thing. From old European castles to a rare horse breed you've probably never seen, there's definitely something here that you'll find interesting. 

Take the Alpine Lakes of Peru for example. Like a forbidden land from a fantasy novel, the photo is certainly a tough one to place without a caption. I might have guessed somewhere in the Himalayas based on the snow-capped peaks, but the crystal blue water gives the real answer away. Other cool landscapes include a tower amidst the New England fall and Mont Saint-Michel in France. However, perhaps the most striking natural image comes courtesy of the aurora borealis, which recently flourished across Scandinavia. But if you're looking for something a little less spectacular, fumes from cannabis production recently caused a pinkish glow in the sky. That is the aptly named, aurora cannibalis. 

If any of those awesome landscapes speak to you, check them out along with a cool car, cool rocks, and some weird signs in this gallery of 21 fascinating photos chock full of beauty and intrigue. 

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