20 of the Funniest Tweets of the Week

If you want to skip Twitter during your daily doom scroll, then here are the best of the best from Twitter today.

This week was President Joe Biden’s 81st birthday. Instead of getting those number candles to represent 81, the White House staff decided to create a small bonfire by putting 81 individual candles on the president's cake. Biden looks both excited and incredibly terrified in the photo. But as things on the internet go, the photo has become a viral meme. Also viral is a photo of an animal in the laundry room of a person's home, only no one can figure out what animal it is.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Snoop Dogg’s post about quitting smoking was an ad for an outdoor stove. One Twitter user thinks about Willie Nelson since he commented on Snoop's original post asking if he needed someone to talk to. I can excuse an annoying marketing ploy but I can not excuse making a fool out of Willie Nelson. The Dogg must apologize!

Finally, there is a great post asking why were we all fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle as children. If you think about it, the Bermuda Triangle is the training wheels for conspiracy theorists. If any of these sound interesting, scroll down and get your daily dose of Twitter.

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