21 Funny Tweets to Make Airport Delays Slightly Bearable

It’s traveling season and whether you're going across the country or internationally, one thing is for sure; airports are an unorganized mess. So to keep you from swan diving on the luggage carousel we have some funny tweets to numb the pain.

You can always count on Twitter to have hilarious and unhinged opinions. One user’s mom completely roasted them for not having enough rizz to pull Jacob Elordi. Another user is trying to see God by mixing Panera's charged lemonade with Tito’s. Last week the role of Kang in the MCU opened up and everyone was tweeting about who should (and shouldn’t) be cast to replace Johnathan Majors. Victoria Beckham is thirst trapping her husband for the ‘gram and one man eats a full lobster boil on the NYC subway.

But the tweet with the most significance is one where a man brags about never getting to the airport 2 / 3 hours before his flight and subsequently responding to his own tweet that he missed his flight. It’s pure poetry.

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