21 Monday Work Memes to Laugh at On Company Time

Happy Monday, your horrors await you!

Whether you spent the weekend going buck wild or silently wasting away on your couch binge-watching reality TV slop, you're sadly back to work on this terrible Monday. So to combat the leftover Sunday Scaries, we have hilarious work memes to energize you enough to walk into work or end your 15-minute meme break.

There’s no perfect job out there. One’s retail heaven of folding clothes repeatedly is another’s customer service horror. But one Twitter user explained that his job is pushing buttons to open and close a gate for 18 hours. This job seems to be people's dream or nightmare, but one quote tweet mentions that they’d somehow figure out a way to fail spectacularly at this job. If you are a button-pushing monkey on hour 15, please message us so we can do a full evaluation of your brain and tell us the worst way you can be terrible at this job.

Scroll down and feel more accomplished at the nothing you did this weekend before the start of the workweek. 

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