21 Movie and TV Mistakes That Snuck Past Editors

Making a movie or television show requires hundreds if not thousands of hours of meticulous planning. It's understandable that small mistakes slip through the cracks, but that's why there are editors carefully watching every frame to catch them... except when they don't. From iconic blockbusters to small projects, these 21 movies and shows all allowed mess-ups to make it through to the final cut

Although a scene might look like a continuous take from start to finish, that is often far from the truth. Different camera angles, splicing and even reshoots can easily lead to hard-to-catch continuity errors. For example, in a scene from The Whole Nine Yards, Matthew Perry’s character hands his menu to a waitress twice in consecutive shots, despite holding what appears to be an ongoing conversation at the same time. In a clip from Taika Waititi's popular FX show What We Do in the Shadows, one character is holding a book, loses the book, and regains it, all while a character in the foreground hardly appears to go through a cut at all. 

But as small as these mistakes might be, it's somebody's job to catch them, and they didn't. Here are 21 movie and TV mistakes that made it through to the final cut. 

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