21 Old Construction Pics That Prove People Were Built Different

Government regulation has changed many industries, but there is perhaps no industry with more incredible before and after photos than construction. Millions of people have seen the famous photo of Empire State Building workers eating lunch on a beam, with nothing but hundreds of feet of air beneath them. But if you thought that those workers were going out of their way for a photo, then you're dead wrong. That pic is pretty tame in comparison to these 21 old snaps. There is definitely no fear of heights here, and not an OSHA inspector in sight.

These photos cover the building of the Empire State Building, old bridges, the New York Times building, and even an old World Trade center. The common theme is lots of heights, lots of beams, and no safety ties. Oh, and men with absolute cojones. They don't call them the greatest generation for nothing, and these guys were just as adept on the tops of skyscrapers as they were in the back of dive bombers or storming the beaches of Normandy. Here are 21 old construction photos that prove people used to be built different. 

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