Passive Aggressive Notes From Displeased People

From neighbors to bosses to coworkers to roommates, these people thought the best way to settle their disagreements was through pen and paper. 

If you have a problem with somebody, typically the best way to solve it is with a serious conversation. But if you're a shy person, that might not be an option for you. These 21 people decided to shy away from in person conflict, and instead elected to release their aggressive impulses about parking disputes, package delivery, workplace culture and more through choicely worded passive aggressive notes. 

The thing about a note is that it's hard to come off sounding like the person in the right. Most people do what they do for a reason, and therefore don't feel too sorry about their actions. So doing the opposite of minding your business and calling someone out is a surefire way to make them to dislike you even more than they might already do. As a result, plenty of people responded to these 21 notes with their own passive aggressive comments, and certainly no change in behavior. Do you really think that the person who stole you package cares that stealing is wrong?

Here are 21 passive aggressive notes from annoyed neighbors and other displeased off people. 

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