21 People Who Completely Missed the Joke and Made Us Chuckle

These people watched the joke fly right over their heads, and never even saw it. We understand that certain humor just isn't for anyone, but at the very least you have to do better than this. 

It is always safe to assume that somebody on the internet is joking with you; especially if their comment triggers you to your core. The internet doesn't care about your feelings, it just wants chaos, and plenty of jokesters are happy to spark it. It's also always important to remember that more likely than not your internet argument is with a 13-year-old on the iPad their mom bought them for Christmas. That means there's a good chance you won't get their jokes, and there's an even better chance that they won't get yours. See, somebody in this gallery not understanding the "parsec is a unit of distance" reference. Young people these days haven't even seen Star Wars! 

Another post in this gallery states that "Ed Sheeran has been real quiet since this dropped," referring to a song from Veggie Tales. I know you're aware that the song has been around since the 90s, but you don't understand Gen-Z humor, so don't comment. Those whooshes and plenty more feature in this gallery of 21 people who just didn't get the joke. 

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